Creating a simple table of contents in Vuepress

Creating a simple table of contents in Vuepress

Most examples use pretty complicated Markdown extensions or way to extensive implementations, here's a super simple way.

It's kinda hard to find in the docs but you can access a page's headers trough this.$page.headers. This will give you an array filled with objects like these: { level: 2, slug: "why-vuepress", title: "Why Vuepress?" } describing the page's headers.

The JavaScript

We can just whip up some simple HTML to render this using either a list structure:

  li( v-for="header in $page.headers" :key="header.slug" :data-header-level="header.level")
    a( :href="`#${header.slug}`" ) {{ header.title }}

Or a navigation markup:

    a( v-for="header in $page.headers" :key="header.slug" :data-header-level="header.level" :href="`#${header.slug}`") {{ header.title }}


As you can see we're passing the level as a data attribute. That's so we can do this:

[data-header-level] {
  margin-left: 1.5rem;

[data-header-level="2"] {
  margin-left: .75rem;

[data-header-level="1"] {
  margin-left: 0rem;

Best to nest this inside your table of contents selector

That's it, good luck!