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Who am I?

Well... I am many things, I am passionate about digital design and development, which plays a big role in my life.

I like traveling, long-term. I am rarely a tourist.

I am an avid kitesurfer and runner, I also like squash but to be honest even calling me an amateur would probably be gracious.

I am a big fan of meditation, mindfulness and stoicism. A few of my favourite authors: Tim Urban, Seneca the Younger, Sam Harris, Jesse Frederik & Tim Ferriss.

Finally I am an amateur hobbyist IOT electrical engineer/tinkerer and I occasionally produce some futuristic funky tech tunes.

I am not sure, I love doubt, most people are too sure about things. Strong opinions held loosely, I love that.

I am a work in progress, I love to take on ambitious projects that venture into areas I’m unfamiliar with. I’m really interested in the intersection of web technologies with other fields such as sociology/anthropology and music.

I love a challenge, I try to steer towards discomfort. It’s not about what pleasures you want in your live it’s about what kind of struggles you want.

I am also curious about who you are, feel free to contact me, I’d love to hear from you... ↓